By-product/About Time 


Photography prints

Wooden pinhole camera (plywood, MDF board, metal)

Video (35 mm scanned film),
00:01:30 min 

The work displays different stages of the process of making what is intended as the final product of art. The installation consists of a self-made wooden circular pinhole camera structure, photographs and a video. 

The camera is 2,7 m in diameter and takes 240 individual frames of the subject placed in the middle of the structure. In this installation, it is exhibited as a sculptural object in the middle of the space. Displayed on the wall are test images. The material filmed with the circular camera is shown in the monitor. The by-products transcend the intended work of art, the video piece, by size and volume. The video piece, which is presented either as a video or as photoghraphy prints, is titled About Time. The installation aims at making processes and practice visible.

Supported by TTER fund
Performers: Ramona Reinvall and Juuso Saarinen
Film developer: Aarni Vaarnamo
Studio assistants: Jack Räisänen and Sandra Schneider
Installation images: Sheung Yiu
Below: Installation view at Beta Space gallery, 2019


Anna björklund2

Anna Björklund