Anna Björklund is an artists and MA student at Aalto ARTS. In her lense based work, she has been influenced by documentary photographers, and uses her personal experiences and scientific studies as a point of departure. Finding meaning and phenomena is the underlying factor in her aspirations. A mixture of poetics, classic aesthetics and realism is present in her work and reveals her background in Fine Art studies.

Björklund has previously been working with what she calls ‘slow photography’,  the slow practice of building pinhole cameras and filming time slice footage. In her analog time slice videos, she wishes to capture time and examine our longing to grab onto it. She considers her slow processes of making to be her own personal counter movement to the fast economy of our time.

As a sculptor, Björklund approaches materia as an extension of the human mind. Her kinetic motorized works, reflect the technical era where the border between living and non-living is fading.